Saturday, October 31, 2009


What a pretty flower. It is from a raintree. Nice reflection of the flower. Iy is actually a very small flower and this picture is a close-up of it.

Here is the raintree with its yellow flowers in bloom. I am not sure what the red things are. The trees start off yellow and gradually the flowers drop off and the red things are left (anyone know what those red things are?). I was sitting under this tree in my pick-up truck resting while Mary was looking at some items in a yard sale across the street. We were about three or four blocks from home. Suddenly a flower fell off the tree and landed on my hood. Then another. And then another still. What I nice shine on the hood in the picture below. Never had to wax it. I don’t think that you have to wax cars anymore. I think that there is a plastic coating over the paint. Isn’t modern technology great.

When a breeze came up, it would snow yellow flowers. They were all over the ground under the tree.

Here you can see them all over the ground in front of my truck. How do you like that Chevy emblem on the front of my truck? Yep, I’m a Chevy man. This is the third Chevy pick-up that I have owned. No Fords. When I go to the stock car races, I always root for the Chevy cars to win. If it weren’t for the serendipity of Mary wanting to stop for the yard sale, I would have missed all of this experience with the yellow raintree flowers. I had seen the raintrees with the yellow flowers from a distance as I drove down the road but until now I never knew just how pretty the flowers are up close as the top picture shows. I was in the right place at the right time. Have a day of discovery today and slow down to take a look at and smell the flowers. Be good. Lew

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seaside said...

The red things are covers for the seeds of the rain tree. First the yellow flowers, then the red bud pods which hold the seeds for new rain trees. We have a couple of trees here in our yard, but they are not mature enough to produce any flowers yet.