Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tammy the cat has gotten herself an owie as we use to call a hurt when we were children. In the picture she is showing everyone her hurt leg by holding it up. Looking for sympathy which she has gotten lots of from both Mary and I. As soon as the veterinary office opens this morning we are going to call and make an appointment for her. Yesterday she was walking on the front leg but with a slight limp. Now today she won’t step on it at all. Perhaps the sore leg has just stiffened up on her during the night. But all of that is for our veterinarian to figure out. Mary and I think that she probably hurt her leg while climbing over the chain link fence into the neighbor’s yard. The chain link fence which is about 4 feet high is covered with a mass of grape vines. The vines are just twisted and inter-tangled all together. My guess is that her foot slipped down into the tangled mess causing her to fall and hurting her front leg which was still hung up in the grape vine tangle. That is all wild speculation but it sounds reasonable. I don’t know why she likes going into the neighbor’s yard because our yard is so much better. But she does it all the time.

But she still has her appetite which is good. Here she is eating breakfast at 5:00 am this morning. She is holding up her injured paw while she eats. Maybe she stepped on something and injured her paw? All speculation as Mary and I worriedly try to figure out what is wrong with her. The vet will take good care of her and give us a bill for that care but she is worth it. We will still fret and worry though about her until we get her to the vet’s office. Everyone have a nice day. Tammy’s day can only get better since she has gotten off to a bad start. No where to go but up as they say. Lew

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seaside said...

Sorry to hear about the cat getting hurt. Hopefully, she will get better soon.