Wednesday, October 28, 2009

upside-down world

This is our topsy-turvy tomato plant and it is doing just fine. Soon we should have lots of red luscious tomatoes just waiting to be picked. At least that is what they show on the picture on the box. But today as I was leaving the house I looked at the plant and a humorous thought occured to me. The earth is a large round ball and the people in the northern hemisphere are standing upright on it. Logical, right? Those on top would be standing straight up. Now see if you can follow this illogical logic. As viewed from space, the people on the bottom of the ball (southern hemisphere) would be standing upside down. Like folks in Australia for example. So wouldn’t a young tomato plant from Australia work better in the topsy-turvy planter better because of it being from Australia and the plant would already be use to growing upside down? Now that bit of fractured logic should draw a lot of flak from the people down under. Now I want the people of Australia to know that I like Crocodile Dundee and Quigley Down Under and Mel Gibson lived near me when he was very young and living in New York State. So Aussie’s, please go easy on me for my tongue-in-cheek humor.
With that said, I had better end this blog. I have dug myself into a deep-enough hole already. Everyone have a nice day and everyone who is experiencing cool weather, be grateful. It is hot here in Florida. Lew

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seaside said...

I am still wanting some cool weather. I hope your topsy plant thing produces lots of tomatoes.