Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mary came into the house and told me that there was a rainbow outside and for me to come and see it. I grabbed my camera on the way out because I knew that I would want to get a picture of it. The rainbow was a complete arc stretching from the ground up high into the sky and back down to the ground again.

There is always something magical about rainbows. Perhaps it is all those colors. Or perhaps it is the lure of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow was so big that I couldn’t get all of it in one picture. I wonder what the ancient peoples thought of them. Were they taken in by their beauty and color also? I think so.
Cool at last, cool at last, thank goodness cool at last. That is a fractured quote from Dr. Martin Luther Kings sermon “I had a dream”, which is his most remembered sermon among the general public. The cool front has finally arrived and when I went outside this morning the air was crisp. The coolness felt good to a blue belly northerner. Cool weather is nice, especially at Christmas. After all, who wants to see a Santa perspiring heavily in his large red suit. It just isn’t the same as I remember as a child growing up in a hamlet in New York. Yes, I grew up in a hamlet. Highland is evidently too small to be classified as a town and so is classified as a hamlet. A hamlet sounds like some place where Frodo Baggins and the other Hobbits live. It was very country and a nice place to grow up. But now I am in sunny Florida and I intend to enjoy this cool air from the cold front that moved into the area. It is as if the whole outdoors is air conditioned like the house. This is the week-end and so everybody have a nice big hearty breakfast to ward off the chills and keep the coffee coming. Lew

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