Saturday, November 13, 2010

where's the turkey?

It’s almost Turkey Day. Well, yeah, I know that Thanksgiving Day is 2 weeks away, but Mary and I thought that it would be a good idea to get the turkey early while the selection is good. I have memories of Thanksgiving last year and my quest for a can of cranberry sauce a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I looked and looked and after going to many stores I finally managed to find a can. So Mary mentioned about getting the turkey early and I heartily agreed. We got a hen which is smaller and more tender than toms. It was only 58 cents a pound and the brand was Jenny-O. That’s the brand that Erik Estrada (the star of the television series CHiP’s) did a series of commercials for in the role of a CHiP’s police officer. I never expected to get a name brand turkey so inexpensively. And of course the selection was good and we got just the size that we wanted. My only concern was that the freezer was full of food and I could not imagine how a turkey was going to fit into the freezer.

This is our freezer and somehow Mary managed to get the turkey in there. Can you see it? How about a close-up.

Can you see it now? No? Alright, one more picture to help you spot it. You can see just a portion of the turkey circled in red.

It was really a challenge for me to spot it but Mary had told me that it was under the ice maker. I still couldn’t find it until I saw the blow-up of the picture. You can see the plastic mesh over the outside of it. By the way, did you happen to see the pumpkin pie in the freezer in the first picture?

This is the kind that has to be baked and then we can have some nice warm pumpkin pie after feasting on turkey. This picture of a slice of the pie makes me hungry for a slice.

Why is the pie sitting on ice cube trays when there is an ice maker? Sometimes the ice maker is a little slow or perhaps I am using the ice cubes faster than the ice maker can make them. So the ice cube trays are a back-up supply of ice. They are rarely used but nice to have “just in case”, especially in the summer time.

In closing, go out and do your Thanksgiving shopping early (just like the Christmas shopping). Now don’t wait until you get “a round tuit”. A gold star for Seaside for picking out the turkey early. And a gold star for Mary for getting the turkey early. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving but until then enjoy the anticipation of the meal that is to come. Enjoy. Lew

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