Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Yes, it's turkey day and so the blog is about a nice Thanksgiving meal that Mary made. That is my plate in the foreground with some breast meat and the plate in the background is Mary's with a drumstick.

Did you happen to notice my glass? It is a Star Trek souvenir glass. See the starship Enterprise on the glass? The glass came all the way from Logan, Utah. The drink is orange soda. What flavor but orange would a loyal Floridian drink?

But now for a serious question. So many cans can now only be opened with a can opener from one end, which is fine by me. But once the end is removed with a can opener then the label on the can is upside down. Just look at the can of cranberry sauce.

The other end of the can can't be opened with a can opener. If it could, I would have opened the other end so that the can would be sitting with the label right side up. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Has anyone else had this same problem?

Mary also baked a pumpkin pie which turned out really good.

The pie was very flavorful with the pumpkin pie spice. After cutting a piece of the pie we put some whip cream on it before eating it.

And let's not forget our chihuahua Duke.

He is a house dog and stays in the house most of the time. He must have been smelling that turkey baking for hours. I can just imagine how hungry it must have made him. Mary gave him some roasted turkey scraps which he absolutely loved. Here he is opening his mouth just as wide as he can so as to get as much food as possible in each bite. It didn't matter to him at all that he was actually eating out of the cat bowl with pictures of cats on it.

All-in-all it was a great Thanksgiving with lots of turkey left over.

I hope that everyone has as nice of a Thanksgiving as I did and keep those turkey sandwiches coming. What are we having for supper tonight? Turkey, of course. Enjoy and, above all, be happy. Lew

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