Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dream Car

Today Mary and I went to the Founders Day festival here in Ocoee, Florida. Where is Ocoee? It is on the west side of Orlando. Part of the festival is a classic car show featuring cars typically from the 50's. It was a trip down memory lane seeing all of these cars from my youth. Then I saw this car which I call "the car of my dreams". I believe that it is a 1956 Ford crown victoria. That strip of chrome going over the roof gives the term "crown" to the name. I wanted one of these so badly in my teens. I thought that the car was real sporty with the two-tone paint job and that little "V" dip of the white paint on the side of the car. And to top it all off was that chrome going over the roof. I just felt that the car was really classy. But alas, I had to settle for a 1955 mercury which was a nice two tone car and classy in its own right. If I ever win the lottery I will have a garage full of these Fords. There were so many cars to see. And the owners of each car were there by their car to answer questions. The cars must have numbered over 50.

They also had the usual arts and crafts type of fail vendors. And of course the usual carnival rides. We got to sit and listen to a country music band that was playing on a large stage with huge speakers. The speakers really boomed out the sound. The band was actually quite good. Mary bought a small bag of chocolate cookies that were being sold by some women's group. We ate the cookies as we walked around the festival grounds. We had a pretty good time and after a couple of hours it was time to go home.

We walked down by Starke lake and looked at the fountain. The fountain was nice. This is Mary next to the lake and fountain.

This is just an inlet for boats on the lake. The main body of the lake is off to the right of the picture and is actually quite large. Have a nice weekend. Lew

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