Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ocoee Founders Day

On Saturday, Mary and I are going to the Ocoee Founders Day festival. There are all sorts of activities of which I like the classic car show the best. So many cars from the 50's beautifully restored.

There are literally too many of them to count. It is just street block after street block of these cars. My camera will get a good workout on photographing my favorites.

The weather is suppose to be nice and cool which will make the walking very pleasant.

It is perfect timing for the festival with respect to the temperature.

But the cool weather won't last long. By the middle of next week it will be back to 80 degrees. But what the heck, it's Florida and it is suppose to be warm in Florida. That is why people come here to Florida, to lie on the sunny beaches and swim in the warm ocean waters. Sound good? Yeah, it is. Especially when the snow starts to fly Have a good day and enjoy yourself to the max. Lew

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