Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is Tommy, the latest addition to our menagerie of animals. He is a "tom" and thus the name Tommy. I thought that he lived next door because I would see him in the neighbors backyard. He wasn't starving but he always seemed to be hungry. Evidently he seems to prefer the food that we put out for the other cats instead of what he gets elsewhere.

Mary asked the neighbors if Tommy was their cat and they said "no". He must have been someone's pet because he is extremely friendly and likes to be petted and comes up to us whenever are outside in the yard. He may have been abandoned by someone. I decided to try and pick him up into my arms as a test to see just how friendly he was. Remembering what had happened to Mary when she tried to pick up the feral kitten Betty and the awful cuts and bite marks she got. I put on some real heavy work gloves for protection and proceeded to pick up Tommy with lots of trepidation. There was no problem and he stayed in my arms while I petted him. He seems to have a real sweet disposition.

He is a short hair whereas Tammy and Betty are long hair. Do you see any similarities between Tommy and Tammy?

Or similarities to Betty?

I know, they are all black and white. And cute to look at. They all seem to have their own particular personalities. Have a nice day and like Tommy, keep smiling. Lew

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