Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Swan

This is the most recent painting that Mary has completed. It is a swan painted on a wooden plaque. We have a park in the central part of Orlando called Lake Eola. There are numerous swans swimming in the lake and this picture reminds me of the swans in the lake. The swans don't fly away, probably because they are well fed and well tended to. The swans have also gotten use to people and they beg food scraps from people passing by. Sort of like pigeons in a park begging for bread crumbs. I guess that most parks have pigeons but here at Lake Eola we have these beautiful swans, just like in the picture. In the picture I particularly like the effect of the reflection of the head of the swan in the surface of the water with a little distortion caused by the ripples of water. Also, blue is my favorite color and this painting has a lot of blue in it. Mary tries to encourage me to paint but I tell her that I have tried painting in the past. It was paint-by-number and it was unbelievably terrible and immediately disposed of. I guess that I am left brain dominant.

Today is Tuesday and that means movie day. Mary and I went to see the movie The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe.

The movie was a mystery/drama with lots and lots of action. The movie was a lot better than I had hoped for. Russell Crowe gave a nice performance. Before the movie we went to Cici's pizza buffet for lunch.

Anyone who lives in Orlando will recognize the logo. They had a special where two people could eat (including drinks) for $9.99. For that price we got all of the pizza that we could eat, plus refillable drinks, and all of the salad, soup, and dessert that we wanted. I had the barbeque pizza which was great. I know that barbeque pizza sounds strange but it is my favorite. Mary likes the spinach pizza best. They must have around 20 different kinds of pizza to choose from on the buffet. It was all quite good and we enjoyed ourselves.

Mary and I went outside to watch the Delta V rocket go up into the heavens from Cape Canaveral last night.

But it was dark outside, which was impressive to see the flame of the rocket engines in the dark of night. But unfortunately that meant that I couldn't get any good pictures of it. But watching the launch on television was quite spectacular.

Have a pleasant day and get a pizza for lunch tomorrow. Lew

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