Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meteorite Men

I have started watching a new show on television that has really captured my attention. The show is called Meteorite Men.

The show follows two men as they search for meteorites with a metal detector. They use a metal detector similar to mine.

It is a treasure hunt for space rocks. I have used my metal detector on the beach, in parks, and even ghost towns looking for lost treasure. I always had that thrill that any moment my detector will turn up some valuables.

Sometimes they use a simple magnet to find the iron meteorites which is what I used once to find several small meteorites. Just like in the show, the magnet works really good when you have located a small area with your metal detector of where a meteorite may be. But their trials and tribulations and eventual discoveries appeals to the adventurous spirit in me. It is a great show and I really like it. Have a good day. Lew

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Meteorite said...

Dear Lew:

Thanks so much for watching our show and for the enjoyable review. There are five more new episodes of Season Two, and they continue to premiere Tuesdays at 9 pm e/p only on Science Channel.

I hope you enjoy the remaining episodes. Next week's should be particularly interesting, as we team up with the United States Army and Air Force to try and solve a puzzling mystery in Utah.


Geoff of Meteorite Men