Thursday, January 21, 2010

tropical birds

Where else but in Florida can you walk out your front door and see a flock of tropical white egrets in the driveway. Utah? Nope! Long Island? Nope! Florida? You betcha. The birds were poking around in the ground with their long beaks for some bugs to eat. They were quiet. No squawking or other birds noises. No noise at all.

The birds have very long, slender, and curved beaks. The birds with those beaks remind of an ibis bird which happens to be the mascot of the University of Miami.

I noticed one bird preening the feathers of another bird. Communal grooming similar to what monkeys do. The flock of tropical egrets hung around in the yard and the driveway for about half an hour before leaving. And when they were gone, I discovered the little presents that they had left me.

Little white spots on the driveway. Lots of them. Well, it is suppose to rain tonight and these spots will get washed off the driveway and into the grass where they will help the grass grow. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.
What do you think? Comic book style blogs? So many pictures that reading the blogs is like reading a comic book with all of its pictures?
Hopefully these pictures will help give them thar' blue bellied yankee’s an idea of what Florida is like. Wait a minute, I am originally from New York and so I guess that makes me a transplanted blue bellied yankee. As I type this, the air conditioner is turned on and is cooling the house a little because the temperature is suppose to get to 81 degrees today. For you northerners, that must be hard to imagine as you stand knee deep in snow shoveling out the driveway (been there, done that). I walk around outside with a short sleeve shirt on and I am quite comfortable. Very pleasant. Have a nice day and enjoy the snowball fights and sleigh riding down the snow covered hills. Me? I will be sitting outside in my lawn chair watching the hamburgers cook on the grill. Have a very nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

It is raining tonight. The hamburger here turned out to be a casserole popped in the oven with yellow rice,a can of peas,and mushroom soup.There was a lot of casserole which makes nice lunch leftovers. I like the clarity of your camera. It sure makes the birds life like.