Thursday, January 14, 2010

red eye vs. yellow eye

When I take a picture of the rabbit his eyes are red, just like people have red-eye when I take their picture. But with the rabbit, the whole eye is red and a very bright red. When I take a picture of the cat, the eyes are yellow.

Kind of spooky, isn’t it? I don’t understand why the rabbit and the cat should reflect the light so differently. The cat likes to sit in the window of the living room looking out onto the “goings-on” in the world from her climate controlled perch. A lucky cat.

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seaside said...

Good mystery! I guess you would have to research the answer on the internet or talk with someone who process film to understand why. I know on your computer there may be a way to take out the red and yellow color. When you buy a picture at the store, they sell a pencil like stick which takes the red out of the eyes.