Wednesday, January 6, 2010

think tropical, think hot

Tammy the cat has found a solution to the cold weather. Instead of going outside into the icy cold weather, she prefers to sit on a window ledge in a nice warm house and look out at the freezingly cold air. I guess that she is what you would call a domesticus felinis because she definitely likes the domesticated life with all of its good food, warm environs, and numerous other amenities that she gets that the wild feral cats outside don’t get.

It is so cold that Mary and I are staying in the house most of the time, venturing out only for shopping or the library. It doesn’t make sense to try working around the yard and end up getting a cold and feeling miserable. The electric blanket on the bed sure does help a lot with the cold nights. But where can I get some Ovaltine or Boscoe to mix in a nice warm cup of milk? LOL. Actually, I didn’t care for either one as a child. What is good is the Carnation chocolate malted milk powder mix. Spoon that into a cup of hot milk and you have really got yourself a treat, but oh my, the calories.

We have a water softener and I have been keeping track of how often I put salt in. I thought that it was around once every three weeks. But to my surprise, it is actually a 40 pound bag of salt once every two weeks. We are on well water which has iron in it and so we really do need to soften the water.

So try being a little hedonistic and turn that thermostat up to a nice comfortable setting and enjoy life. As they say “life is too short to drink cheap wine” or to be cold. Lew

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seaside said...

My sister has a water softener which she adds potassium. She is going to change it because she thinks it is causing her hands to stiffen up.