Saturday, January 9, 2010

icicles galore

What a surprise. I went out to the mailbox around four o’clock (the hottest part of the day) and to my surprise there were lots of icicles hanging from the leaves of the grape vine.

The icicles looked like elongated drops of water but when I felt of them, they were solid ice. I was so cold taking these pictures that it made me a believer that we could have icicles here in Orlando. Poor tourists. I am sure this cold weather is not what they expected.

All of the leaves had icicles on them. The temperature in the house is around 70 degrees but the thermostat is set on 75 degrees. The heater of the central air is barely able to hold the house temperature at 70 degrees at 5:00 in the afternoon, I worry about what will happen later on this evening. The big thing on the news is that stores are sold out of electric heaters. The temperature tonight is suppose to go down to the 20’s, but it won’t bother me because I will be asleep nice and toasty under the electric blanket. It is hard to imagine that the temperature will get back up into the 70’s in a few days.
The hot chocolate this afternoon was good, especially with the miniature marshmallows on top. With enough hot chocolate, hot coffee, and hot tea we will make it through this cold weather. Of course, a little hot chili would be nice too. Is that an oxymoron (hot chili)? Have a warm evening and dress warmly the next couple of days. Lew

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seaside said...

I am watching alot of television on Turner Classic Movies. There was a movie with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland where Ginger plays a twelve year old girl to get a discount on a train ticket. She somehow gets involved with Ray Milland who is an Army Major. I always remembered Ray Milland as old in his movies. I had to look twice to realize he was young and fairly good looking. I like the cool weather, but I don't like the power outages that go with it. I also like to get out and see the seashore. I guess with the warmup it will be easier to go see what the rest of the beach is doing.