Monday, January 25, 2010

ICU Intensive Care Unit

This is Mary’s ICU (intensive care unit) for plants. Here is where they are kept and nourished and pampered back to health until they can be planted back into the ground.

There are such a variety of plants. Even a Venus flytrap plant.

I know that it is hard to recognize the fly trap because it is so magnified. It is now doing much better. I have tried several times in the far distant past to get these Venus fly traps to grow but without success. They are tropical and very sensitive to temperature, moisture, and who knows what else yet here it is in a pot in the backyard in January. Do we have a nice climate in Florida or de we have a nice climate in Florida? Perhaps spending some time in the ICU will be what it needs.

Mary also planted the top portion of a carrot that had started to sprout. It also looks to be doing pretty good.

I wonder if we will get a whole new carrot to eat?

In a sense, we can think of the carrot as the beginnings of our “victory garden” which really can’t start until spring. There is a certain satisfaction in watching the plants grow. Have a good day and instead of planting a tree, plant a carrot instead, or some scallions, or some beets or................
And tomorrow? Tomorrow is Tuesday which is movie day. We are going to go see the movie Legion. Bring on the popcorn and soda and have a good time. Popcorn is free, I have a coupon for the free popcorn. There is more popcorn in the free bag than the two of us can eat. We bring the remainder of the popcorn which is usually a third to a half of a bag for the rabbit who likes popcorn also.

The weather is cool and as the sun was setting I was walking outside and that crisp breeze on my face reminded of early springtime in New York. There would be large patches of snow here and there and as the breeze blew across these patches it cooled the air making the breeze a crisp cool breeze. And yet the bright sun in the cloudless sky was warm. It was a nice time and a pleasant time for me. May all your memories be pleasant memories also. Take care. Lew

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