Friday, January 1, 2010


Today was a rainy and drizzly day. However, we did get to take down the Christmas lights running along the eave of the house and the bushes. For dessert after supper Mary made a cherry shortcake using cherry pie filling. With the whip cream on top, it was decadent (very good).

Tomorrow Mary and I are going to a large flea market just south of Mt. Dora. Did you know that Mt. Dora was used as a model for the sci-fi novel Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank who lived nearby in Tangerine. We do have colorful names for towns and cities in Florida. Since the rain has passed through, the weather has turned a lot cooler. I will be turning on the electric blanket tonight to make the bed nice and toasty and warm. I wish that they had electric blankets when I was a child but they didn’t exist back then. The best that my mother could do was to put flannel sheets on the bed which helped a lot. But today, with the magic of the electric blanket, I can wrap myself in warmth. Is there anyone who doesn’t have an electric blanket? I think not. Have a warm and toasty evening and during the day tomorrow. For those living in Long Island, Delaware, and Utah, what can I tell you about the cold weather except move to Florida where 68 degrees is considered chilly. Seaside’s blog Turkey Talk has some really good pictures of what Florida is like. Especially living near the seashore. There is always something which is so relaxing about watching the oceans waves break on the shore. I always like the sounds of the pounding surf.

Turn up the thermostat and stay warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Lew

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seaside said...

Thank you for the kind complement. The food looks really lucious after eating apple pie,baked chicken and stuffing. Our outside lights are still up, but with the cold weather it is warming just to look at them.