Wednesday, January 13, 2010

goodbye frost

With the rise of the temperatures, this will probably be the last of the frost for a while. On Saturday it is suppose to be 79 degrees.

The covers over the plants will be coming off today and will not go back on again for a while. The plants will be happy to get some sunshine.

The gardenia bushes took a hit from the frost as they do each year. Each year they look as though they could never recover but each year they do.
Today for lunch we are having burritos to warm us up. And don’t forget the extra sauce, grated cheese and sour cream on top. That makes it a grande burrito deluxe. Has anyone ever had deep fried balls of ice cream? I have heard of them but I have never had one. I would like to try one sometime just out of curiosity. Stay warm and only make half a pot of coffee instead a full pot to stay warm. After all, the temperature is suppose to get up to 61 degrees today. Have fun. Lew

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