Friday, November 6, 2009

who will mourn the lilies?

I can tell that the cooler temperatures are here. The lilies are already starting to die off. Well, perhaps “die off” really isn’t quite the correct expression. They have gone to hibernate (sleep) until spring when they will be back in full force and full bloom. It is just a little sad to see them like this and I have to keep telling myself that they are really just fine. They are just doing like the bears who hibernate. And who is that cat off to the right side of the picture?

Yep, it is our cat Tammy. Work just fascinates her, she can just sit and watch it for hours. Some cat is beating her up because she has another scratch on her face. This time it is just above the right eye. Poor kitty. It is probably one of the strays in the neighborhood. She can stay in the house all she wants but she seems to prefer to stay outside. She comes into the house to eat and then immediately goes back outside again. However, we keep her in the house at night. She usually wakes me up around 5:00am to go outside by meowing at the bedroom door. Since that is about the time that I usually get up anyway, I just get up and let her out and then start my morning activities. For Mary and I, today was window washing day for the garage windows plus a couple of the house windows. Over time, the windows just seem to accumulate a light coating of dust. Not really noticeable unless I get up close to the windows. Now they are crystal clear. Gotta go and watch the latest update on the news of the shootings here in Orlando. A truly terrible thing. Mary made tuna fish submarine sandwiches for lunch with a cut Valencia orange on the side. Dessert was a crème filled chocolate cupcake with that white little swirly line of icing on top of the chocolate icing. It was good (naturally). Take care. Lew

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seaside said...

The sun has actually making an appearance.I don't know how long it will last, but I am enjoying the moment. The cupcake sounds good and my mom likes chocolate.