Saturday, November 21, 2009

cat bed

Tammy the cat likes sleeping on the bed. I guess that she considers it a giant cat bed. Interestingly, she always sleeps on Mary’s side of the bed. We have a Sleep-Comfort air mattress on the bed which makes the bed really soft. Laying on the bed with the air mattress is like floating on a cloud. She particularly likes sleeping on the bed after supper with a nice full tummy. Sort of like the lions in Africa that lay down and go to sleep after a big meal. She use to sleep under the bed until she discovered the top of the bed. However, whenever we have company she will make a mad dash at full speed down the hallway, into the bedroom, and under the bed where she feels safe. And stays there until the company has left. She has a sweet life here. Isn't there some poem about lillies of the field? By the way I liked the movie Lillies of the Field starring Sidney Poitier. I have it on DVD an I will watch it from time to time. The music in the movie is real good and has a catchy tune to it. Have a sweet day and sleep in tomorrow. Lew

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