Tuesday, November 10, 2009

blustery winds

It was nice and windy yesterday. The low clouds were just zipping on bay going from east to west. It was fun to watch them. Since it was still a little warm the breeze felt good.

The extent of our wind damage was a blown over lawn chair. Sort of anticlimactic, isn’t it? A blown over lawn just isn’t very exciting. But wait, it gets better.

The neighbors canopy blew over and I assume that the canopy will not be as easy to put back up as my blown over lawn chair. As you can se in the picture, the grass is already starting to dry out from the lack of rain and the lilies along the fence are going into hibernation until spring. It is always interesting that no matter how bad the grass looks when it dries out, it comes back with a vengeance with the rains in the spring. The area between the yellow hose and the fence is our sand pit of sugar sand. It doesn’t look like it though, does it? But when we take our self-propelled lawn mower over this area of the yard, the turning wheels of the lawn mower just dig right down into the sand until the chassis of the mower is dragging on the sand. And of course, the cutting blade is scooping up the sand and blowing it everywhere. I turn into a human tow truck and have to manually push and drag the mower through the soft sand in this part of the yard. It is quite difficult to do and I always dread doing this part of the yard. We are considering getting a riding lawnmower since both the front yards and the back yards are much larger than usual. Perhaps the riding mower will do better in the sugar sand. This morning before dawn when I stepped outside it was warm which is a harbinger of warmer temperatures today. When will the cooler weather finally get here for good? Have a cool day with some lemonade and we will be enjoying the air conditioned interior of the movie theater while we watch a movie, eat our fill of popcorn, and drink lots of ice cold soda. Sound good? Do the same, and enjoy. Lew.


seaside said...

I sound like Paul Revere. Instead of saying "The British are coming,The British are coming." I say "The rains are coming, The rains are coming." The weatherman even promised us cooler weather later in the week. Could this be true?

seaside said...

I would opted for a riding mower, but you have to maintain the upkeep. Mom uses a mowing service which she gets every two weeks. Saves the work.