Monday, November 16, 2009

I scream, you scream.........

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”. Remember that childhood saying? Well , what luck. I walked out into the backyard this morning and there is this ice cream truck parked in my neighbor’s back yard. During the summer months when I was very young and living in New York, we had a Good Humor truck come through the neighborhood once each night. All of us kids would gather at the intersection of Cherry Hill road and North road waiting for the arrival of the Good Humor ice cream truck. We would all be clutching a dime. It seemed that no matter what the item was, it cost a dime. There was such eagerness and anticipation and when the Good Humor would finally arrive, he was mobbed by kids, each wanting his ice cream treat first. I always got the same thing, an individual serving of Dixie vanilla ice cream in a container. Later in life I learned that chocolate is better than vanilla. I liked these ice cream containers because when I pulled the lid off, I would lick the ice cream off from the underside of the lid to reveal a picture of a movie star. Each time there would be a different movie star. Seeing the picture was a treat. Almost as good as the toy in the Cracker Jack box but not quite. They had nice toys in the Cracker Jack boxes way back when and I am sure that they were all choking hazards but I was fortunate and never chocked on any because I always emptied the Cracker Jack caramel corn into a bowl to retrieve the toy. The caramel corn was then placed back into the box and eaten while I played with my new-found toy. Anyway, waiting for the ice cream man in the early evening after supper became a tradition amongst the neighborhood kids. It is amazing how much enjoyment I got for a dime. A good memory from the past. It seems like yesterday. So if an ice cream truck should come down the street, run out to it and get an ice cream treat, but take more than a dime, a lot more. Lew

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