Saturday, November 28, 2009

"big breakfast" Saturday

This is Mary holding her pet bunny. He is very friendly to her because she interacts with the bunny a lot. When she holds him, the rabbit likes to put one of his paws up against her cheek.

The rabbit gets to run around in the house in the afternoons and again on the couch at night after supper. When Mary is laying on the couch the bunny just climbs and runs all over her. He also likes to rub noses with her.
It is Saturday and today we are going to the library to check out the DVD’s. They have so many of them to chose from. I have a list of Steven Spielberg movies and I want to see if the library has any his films that I haven’t seen yet. I am a big fan of his movies. We will probably avoid the stores because of the crowds. We won’t start our Christmas shopping until December 1, that way we have 30 days to exchange things. I also like shopping on week-days when the stores aren’t crowded. It is much more relaxing that way. When I go shopping I like to stroll slowly through the stores looking at everything and stopping to take a closer look at anything that catches my eye. So when I go shopping at Wal-Mart, I am in the store for quite a while. Shopping is more fun that way. I guess that you might say that I do a lot of “window shopping”, looking a lot but buying little. Did anyone do any “black Friday” shopping? Here’s hoping that everyone gets more for Christmas than they hoped for and fun gifts (toys not clothing). After all, who wants to get socks on Christmas? Not me. The little boy in me still wants toys, expensive electronic toys. How about a new computer? That would be a nice gift.
It is cold this morning and that is the bad news. The good news is that it is Saturday and that means “big breakfast” day. Mary got the bacon out of the freezer last night to thaw and so I know that we will be having eggs and bacon and cinnamon raisin toast with butter and raspberry jam. Have a good day and when you go grocery shopping don’t forget to stock up on the packets of hot chocolate mix (the kind with the little marshmallows). Stay warm. Lew

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