Tuesday, November 3, 2009

best friend George

Our cat Tammy loves sleeping on newspapers. I don’t know why. Could it be the crinkling noise that the newspaper makes when she walks across it? I am baffled. We discovered this by accident when we had some newspaper on the floor one day and she went over and laid on it. She has a folded blanket to lay on plus a nice cat bed with a foam mattress. But nope, she prefers the newspaper. She does on occasion sleep on the folded blanket. You can see that she has another love, money. She lays her head right on a picture of a dollar bill and when she opens hers eyes after a nice long slumber, the first thing she sees is George Washington.
I have heard of cats liking catnip and cats liking tuna, but this is the first cat that I have seen that loves money. A cat after my own heart. I wonder if she would like Abe Lincoln ($5 dollar bill) more than George Washington? Trying to find out could get expensive.

Today we are going shopping in upscale neighborhood south of Winter Gardens. They built a really fancy shopping center with all upscale shops. The homes in the area are magnificent. We are looking for an art store for art supplies like oil paints and artist brushes for Mary for her painting. Currently, the only art store that we know of is way out east Colonial Drive. We are hoping to find something closer. Sometimes she goes to Michael’s arts and crafts store but they don’t have the selection that she needs, especially in the variety of oil colors. It should be a fun time. Gotta go. It is suppose to be cool today and so enjoy the day with lots of outdoor activities. Lew

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seaside said...

Tammy is a big kitty cat. She has a big front paw. I think cats have a mind of their own on where they want to sleep. Sometimes they have their mind set where you don't want them to be and there is a battle. This was the case with Glendon's cat trying to get it to sleep outside. My sister finally prevailed, but it took some time.