Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mary, Tammy, and Dolly

This is Mary holding Tammy. Mary is talking to the cat and the cat seems to be listening intently. Mary can hold the cat and the cat looks to be quite comfortable. But whenever I try to hold the cat, she wants to get away. I guess that Mary has the magic touch when it comes to cats. The picture is grainy because it was taken without a flash, through a window screen, and is magnified.

Mary has also managed to tame Tammy’s mother whose name is Dolly quite a bit. Dolly is a feral cat and wild. I can’t get near the cat but Mary can pet her and the cat comes to her because Mary feeds it. Look at the bushy tail, like a feather duster. Dolly comes around to get a handout to eat and then goes on her way to who knows where. Mary keeps her well fed. There is also Tony and Alex, feral cats who are her brothers. I guess that we have the whole dang family here. But what about the father? I have seen him across the street on occasion but he doesn’t come around. Isn’t that just like a guy? Out running with the guys instead of staying at home with the family? I think that comment will get a lot of response. Have a nice day and really cool weather will soon be here. Lew

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