Tuesday, November 17, 2009

red sweater

This is our Chihuahua sporting his bright red sweater to keep him warm as the weather turns cooler. Has really short hair and so he gets cold easily. He likes his sweaters. A nice dog.

Mary and I missed going to the movies today to see the new sci-fi movie 2012. Tuesday is senior day where we get in for $5. If we go on any week-day before 12:00 noon we also get in for $5. So we are going to the 11:00 am showing of the movie 2012 tomorrow. When we come out we will have lunch in the food court at West Oaks mall. There is probably a 98% chance that I will have Chinese food. Today I did a lot of odds and ends things outside but no one thing being spectacular.

Seeing Seaside’s picture of the ocean waves reminded me of my father and our Florida vacations. Did you know that my dad never went in the water? He wouldn't even get close to the water. I guess that he must not have known how to swim. He would just sit on a lawn chair in the shade of a palm tree a long way from the surf. I mean a long ways. He seemed to enjoy just sitting and relaxing. He had a high pressure job as a grocery store manager and when he went on vacation he just wanted to relax and unwind. On our Florida vacations my parents would take me to the beach one day and I would usually get a sunburn which ended any further trips to the beach. But I didn't care, after all my dad gave me $1.00 a day for comic books (10 comic books x .10 (ten cents each) = $1.00). That is 10 comic books a day. Plus all of the coca cola that I wanted to drink made me one happy kid. At the time, I just didn't think that anything could be better than that. Then I discovered hot dogs. Lew

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