Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twistee Treat

When Mary and I are out shopping and we get warm, we like to stop at the soft-serve ice cream place called Twistee Treat.   I like the buildings because they are so unique in that they look like a giant ice cream cone.
Chocolate is my favorite and I get chocolate 99% of the time.   I guess that I am a chocoholic.   Sometimes Mary gets vanilla and sometimes she gets chocolate.   Boy, doesn't this picture below look good?   Makes me want to run out and get one.   But tonight we are having Klondikes later in the evening while watching television. 
We get the brown waffle cones.   They hold more ice cream than the other type of cones.   When I lived in Arizona there use to be one of those ice cream trucks come down the street jingling out a tune over its loudspeaker.    The truck had a soft serve ice cream machine in it and all the kids would run out to it to get an ice cream treat.   Yeah, I ran also.    The kids would always ask for "rabbit ears".   What they got was a soft serve ice cream cone that was half vanilla and half chocolate like in the picture below.
I asked them why they called the cone "rabbit ears" and they said because it looks like a rabbits ears:   brown fur on the outside of the ear and white fur on the inside of the ear.   So I joined the kids and started asking for "rabbit ears".   The guy on the truck knew the term and so knew exactly what I wanted when I asked him for "rabbit ears".   It was a lot of fun and brought back memories of when I was a kid waiting for the Good Humor man and his truck.   I always got the same thing:   a Dixie cup with a picture of a  movie star on the underside of the lid.   
I should have kept those lids with the movie stars pictures on them.    Maybe they would have been worth money by now.  
The memory for me is very vivid of sitting on a low rock wall waiting and waiting with a dime clutched between my fingers along with all of the other excited kids.   Summer was a good time because it was filled with nothing but play all day.   Day after day until school started again.

Mary made lemon-pepper chicken breasts and a baked acorn squash with brown sugar and butter inside.   The acorn squash was for me and Mary had a baked potato.   I don't have a picture of the acorn squash but it was good.   We also had cheese "drop" biscuits which were really good.   Just like the ones at the Red Lobster seafood restaurants.   I put some honey on mine from a small honey bear dispensing squeeze bottle.
Time to sign off.   It is almost time for a Klondike ice cream.   
So many different Klondikes and so little time to sample them all.   Yum.    Lew

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