Friday, August 10, 2012

Hidden Mickey

This is a "hidden Mickey" on the planet Mercury.   I saw it posted on the internet but now I don't remember the site.   Being a fan of "hidden Mickey's" I started looking for pictures of the planet Mercury to see if I could find the "hidden Mickey".
These pictures can be enlarged quite a bit if you want to see if you can find the hidden Mickey.   I looked and looked but no luck.   Then I found another picture of the planet Mercury and looked some more.
Still no luck.   I hope that someone has some luck in finding the hidden Mickey.   Is there someone who isn't familiar with hidden Mickeys?   At the Disney theme parks they have the classical symbol of one large circle for the head and two small circles for the ears of Mickey Mouse.
This is probably the largest hidden Mickey that I have ever heard of.   It is an aerial photo of a field.    Being Florida, I would assume that the trees are orange trees.   Boy, I thought that I was the biggest Disney enthusiast.
But the hidden Mickeys are not always easy to find like this one at Epcot.
How about this one on a totem pole at the Canadian pavilion at Epcot.   Look real close.   Enlarge the image by clicking on it if you have to.
Can't find it.   Here is some help.
That hidden Mickey was tricky wasn't it?   That is all part of the fun in finding the hidden Mickeys.    Now that you have had some practice, try finding the hidden Mickey on the planet Mercury for me.
I wonder if the astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD would be able to find the hidden Mickey?
Did you notice that his sidekick is the Disney dog Pluto?   Hmmmm.    By the way, Dr. Tyson has a great radio talk show (StarTalk) that I listen to avidly.

I am sure that you will enjoy it.   Please let me know if you do find the hidden Mickey.   Like the hidden Mickey on the totem pole, once found then it will be easy to find again.    Take care and have a great day.    Lew

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