Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Buddy

My buddy, Tammy the cat.   When I am outside working in the yard she follows me everywhere.   If I go from the front yard to the backyard and I look down, there she is.   What a loyal and dedicated pet she is who gives me so much pleasure.   If I go into the garage she follows me and jumps up onto the work bench.   Does she get in the way?   Yeah, sometimes a little bit but I just work around her.    I would rather work around her and have her there with me then have her leave.
Sometimes I refer to he as "the Princess" because we dote on her as much as we can.   We are so lucky to have such a pet.   As you can see she has long hair and the warm weather here in Florida sometimes bothers her.   Here she is trying to get cool.
She seems to like the coolness of cement.   We bring her into the air conditioned house during the intense heat of the afternoon.    She has a good life.
She likes to watch the squirrels in the yard.   Does she chase them?   Not really, she is too heavy to get any speed up.   Besides some of the squirrels in our yard are pretty tough.   See what I mean?   No cats want to mess with the squirrels in our yard.   I think that they should be on Smackdown or Raw wrestling.  LOL.   What do you think?    Any wrestling fans out there?
When I come into the room containing my computer she follows me in.   In fact at this moment as I am typing this she is lying on a file cabinet beside me sound asleep.   The red thing beneath her is a nice plush and soft towel to make the top of the file cabinet soft for her to lay on.
She needs to be brushed but she has had a busy day.  Mary does a nice job on brushing and combing her to get her fur all fluffy.   She will stay with us the whole time that we are on the computers.    She has been this way since she was a kitten.   Only back then she use to like to lay on my scanner.   Isn't she just about the cutest kitten ever?   I think so.
Yeah, those are towels on the scanner to make it soft for her.  Even as a kitten she just followed us everywhere.
Here she is sleeping with her head on the hard surface of the table.   Now that is devotion.   She has been a pampered cat ever since Mary picked her up in the backyard as a feral kitten and brought her into the house.
For having been a feral kitten she has developed into a wonderful and loving pet.   And the vet with his multitude of vaccinations has kept her just as healthy as can be.   Does anyone reading this blog also have a fantastic pet?    Please tell me about it in the comments section.   I would be interested in hearing about your pet.    Lew

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