Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I stopped by the parking lot of an automotive store where I discovered some passion flower vines are growing wild.   I wanted to check on the seed pods. But they are still green and not ready for picking yet.
Note the three bladed leaf design just to the right of the green seed pod that looks like a lime.
A number of weeks ago I planted what I thought was the last remaining passion flower seeds. I planted some in a "topsy turvey" hanging planter that was originally used last year for planting tomatoes.
I held my camera over the open top and snapped a picture. And this is what I got.
Look at the three-blade design of the center leaf. Just like on the passion flower vine near the automotive store.    I had also planted some of the seeds into a regular pot for plants and that plant also has a three-blade leaf growing.
So I may yet get a passion vine growing with those beautiful flowers.    Where else but in Florida can you get such a beautiful flower as this.
I have my fingers crossed that the plants do well. In the meantime I still plan to harvest the seed pods that are growing when they are ripe.
Has anyone had any experience growing passion vines from seeds?    Got any tips that you could share with me?    Well have a nice day.   Not having a nice day so far?    Have some ice cream (preferably chocolate) and it will end up being a nice day.   A dish of ice cream just seems to solve all of the world's problems.    Lew

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