Monday, July 16, 2012

Fat Man and Little Boy

This blog is a follow-up on my previous blog titled The Demon Core.
There is an excellent movie on the making of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos.   The movie stars John Cusack as a fictional character in the movie called Michael Merriman.
The character Michael Merriman is a blend of two of the Los Alamos scientists:  Harry Daghlian and John Slotin.   In the scene above he is "tickling the dragons tail" of the Demon Core.   The movie shows the accident that caused the death of John Slotin which was manipulating the beryllium reflectors with a screwdriver.   This is an excellent movie and I highly recommend viewing a copy of it.   The film was released October 20, 1989 and so it has been around for a while but still well worth seeing.
Dwight Schultz on the left in the picture above does a good job in portraying Robert Oppenheimer.   Remember him from the television series The A-Team?   That is Paul Newman on the right as General Leslie Groves.  
John Cusack has a starring role throughout the movie and gives a fine performance.   Check the movie out of your local library or purchase an extremely inexpensive copy from your local thrift shop, pop some popcorn, and have a fun time watching the movie.    Lew

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