Thursday, July 26, 2012

ominous cloud

I came across this old picture.   I don't remember where I got it from but I think that I saved it because of the ominous cloud formation.   I found it fascinating.    But now in retrospect I wonder what the captain of the freighter must have thought as he stood on the deck of the bridge looking at this cloud.    What would I have done if I were in his place.   Would I have "stay-the-course" and continue straight ahead into the storm?   Or would I have made a hard turn to the right?   I think that I would have probably made a U-turn and got the heck out of there.   What would you have done?
      I use to do environmental surveillance for a power plant.   The plant provided a small open boat and a driver for me to go out on the ocean and collect samples.   It was summer and there were numerous small rain storm  cells all over the place.   The driver suggested that we go back to the dock.   I told him that we could navigate between the cells if he were afraid of getting wet.   He said that it wasn't the rain that he was worried about, he said it was the lightning.    He said that we were the highest thing out on the water plus we were in an open boat.   I immediately agreed with him and said "Let's go back to the dock".   I was nervous until we finally made it to the dock without incident (fortunately).   So now I am cautious when it comes to being out on the water and as Captain Lew I would have turned that freighter around and high-tailed it out of there.   What would you have done?   Best regards.    Captain Lew.     

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