Monday, August 2, 2010


This is a southern oak tree in a park called Lake Eola Park here in Orlando. I noticed a pipe going up the side of the tree. The bumps on the tree surrounding the pipe caught my attention.

At the base of the tree the pipe went into a box that looked like an electrical junction box. So I assume that the pipe must have been a conduit for an electrical line.

Notice how the tree completely surrounded the pipe. And it only surrounded the pipe at two spots.

What could have caused this? I wonder if they cut some tree limbs for placement of the pipe and then the tree grew the bump much as we grow a scar over a cut. It is really curious. The pipe just seems to end. Puzzling.

Notice all of the black spots on the tree. Woodpecker holes looking for insects. You would think that a woodpecker would get a terrible headache from banging his head against a tree all day. I think that if I were a woodpecker that I would fly down to the ground and join the pigeons in eating popcorn that the people throw.

See the date palms in the background? Nothing like living in paradise. Enjoy. Lew

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