Monday, August 23, 2010

life is a struggle

I saw this vine on a tree in the front yard and thought to myself what a struggle it must be for the vine to grow. First of all it has to pull itself up the tree. The end of the vine keeps reaching ever higher.

It's interesting how the end of the vine is red while the rest of it is green. But now for the real point of the blog. This vine is not growing out of the ground. There is a small depression where the trunk splits which has some old leaves in it. The vine must be getting enough nourishment because the leaves look quite healthy.

Can you see the leaves in the bottom of the depression? Plus I see something else starting to sprout. What is the tin cup for? I put water in it for the squirrels. But first I have to clean the leaves out. Maybe I will throw the leaves down in the depression for nutrients for the vine. I guess that the vines elsewhere in the yard that are growing in dirt don't realize how lucky they have it.

Today is haircut day. I didn't like getting haircuts as a child and I still don't like getting one today. And now matter how tight they wrap the drape around my neck, tiny little hairs still get down my shirt and make me itch. So I usually have to take a shower as soon as I get home to get rid of those pesky little hairs that itch so much.

Tomorrow we are going to the movies to see Piranha in 3D. It should be exciting. When I worked at Disney in the Tree of Life I always enjoyed working in the theater insidde the tree which showed the 3D movie It's Tough to be a Bug.

It was a great movie also. And the 3D effects were spectacular. I am hoping for spectacular 3D effects in the movie Piranha that we will see tomorrow.

This is a lapel pin which I always liked from the show. It is a reminder of the good times of working at Disney. And in conclusion, as we use to say at Disney "Have a magical day. Lew

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