Sunday, August 22, 2010

the white stallion

This is Mary's latest painting. She works so hard on these paintings and the woman-hours that she puts in creating her paintings is staggering. Today was spent at an indoor flea market. It was so incredibly hot. We were there for about two hours and by the end of the two hours my shirt was damp with perspiration. I don't know how the sellers manage to stay in those hot buildings all day. And it was crowded which probably made it even hotter. We bought a number of small items. One of the main things that we were looking for was a night lite. We wanted one with an on/off switch. The switch on the old nightlight went bad. The only kind that I could find at Wal-Mart had a light sensing eye and automatically turned the light on when the room got dark. Unfortunately the light didn't glow that brightly at night and didn't go out completely during the daytime. What luck, we eventually found a night light with a switch and it was only one dollar so we got two of them. Lunch was at Burger King. They now have soft serve ice cream in cones and also as sundaes. I had the sundae with chocolate syrup poured over the vanilla ice cream and Mary had caramel as the topping on hers. We returned home to the air conditioned house and stayed cool for the rest of the day. Have a nice day and wherever you are, try and stay as cool as possible. Lew

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