Sunday, December 27, 2009


I got Mary a new kitchen cutlery knife set. She wanted to replace the set that she had because the old knives just wouldn’t hold an edge. As I was looking at the various knives and knife sets I came across a knife called a Santoku knife.

The name reminds me of the name Ginzu knives which were all the rage at one time many years ago. They were advertised on television and I think that they were something like $ 19.95. But then it seems that al most all of those products advertised on television were $ 19.95. Maybe you got a set of streak knives also. The Ginzu could cut through a nail, frozen food, and tomatoes paper-thin. I was happy with it until years later when I saw the same Ginzu knife on a display at K-mart for less than five dollars and I remembered how much I had paid for mine when I ordered it. Did I mention shipping and handling costs that are added on? So here were two Santoku knives included with the cutlery block that I got for Mary. I notice the grooves along the side of the blade. Does anyone know the purpose of these grooves? Do the grooves really work? I did notice that a special knife sharpener has to be used because of the grooves.

Sometimes new things are so simple that I ask my self “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is true for the wooden block of this new cutlery set. There are magnets on the back of the wooden block for storing extra knives.

The magnets are really strong and hold the knives firmly. We are already using the magnets on the back of the wooden block for holding an extra knife. Whoever came up with this idea is probably wealthy now and lying on the beach in Maui having one of those fancy drinks in a pineapple or coconut. The good life, all due to putting magnets in the back of a cutlery block. I need to come with an idea like that which will bring a fortune of money. Got any ideas? Have a nice day. As for me, I am going to be sittin’ and thinkin’ and thinkin’ and thinkin’............ Lew


Anonymous said...

The knife set was great but we both got a lot of other nice presents too. (To me) the knives were my best present and they will last a long time.......Mary

seaside said...

There is a show coming back to ABC which is called "Shark Tank." This is an inventor's show. The inventor presents his or her ideas to some wealthy buisness person who will back the idea with money if they like the invention. Enjoy the knife set.