Thursday, December 17, 2009

behind bars

It looks like the little chihuahua, Duke, is behind bars. I guess that technically he is “behind bars”. But not behind the bars of a jail cell but behind the “bars” of the chair that he lays on in the dining room. Notice the steps on the floor to the right of the chair. Mary got these steps

for the dog to make it is easier for him to get up onto the chair. The dog loves it and the stairs make his life a lot easier as his joints stiffen with age. On the right side of the table you can just barely see my laptop. On the left side of the table you can see Mary’s painting supplies. This is a dining table but it seems to get used for everything except eating on. The room receives the sunlight and is bright and cheery. A nice place for activities.
Christmas is getting closer and closer and will soon be upon us. Christmas eve
we will play Santa and take some presents over to the house of Mary’s daughter, Rhonda. She is hosting a party for Mary’s children at which we will be exchanging gifts. Rhonda seems to be hosting most of the family celebratory parties because she is the quintessential hostess. Everything is done to perfection and elegant. Unfortunately, it is a lot of work for her, but she does it so well. Everyone always has a good time and there is tons of conversation going on. No such thing as everyone sitting around silent. I am looking forward to it as is Mary. Then comes Christmas morning and we get to open our presents. I was thinking of a new computer but have backed off on the idea because my old computer is still functional and gets the job done (albeit slowly, very slowly). Plus some words from Villager came back to haunt me. She said once when she got a new computer that she was annoyed that they had changed the operating system on new computers. Her new computer had Vista on it and she had to learn how to use that operating system. I think that she would have preferred to stay with the old operating which she knew. I agree. The new computers now have something called Windows 7 on them and I don’t want to go through the experience of trying to learn a new operating system. On my desktop computer I have Windows XP which I like. When I got my laptop, it had Windows Vista on it and like Villager experienced, it was a pain to learn how to use it. I still prefer Windows XP. Now I have to learn Windows 7 if I get a new computer? I think that I will hold off as long as possible. Plus, the brand new computers on sale now will still be brand new computers a year from now but cost a lot less because there will be newer models out. Is that sound logic or illogical logic? Everyone have a great time and count down the days to Christmas. Lew

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