Sunday, December 20, 2009

icy blue

The Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee. A job fair for medical personnel. Lots of give-aways of neat things by the various representatives at the various booths. When you entered the convention room, you were given a big cloth shopping bag to be filled up with the goodies as you walked around the convention room. One thing that was very popular were these plastic glasses that were white at normal temperature but turn blue when filled with a cold liquid. I decided to try and use mine as a thermometer of sorts. I placed one of the cups outside on the railing on the front porch to see how cold it was.

It turned deep blue. So how cold was it? Icy cold. As cold as cup of soda with ice cubes floating in the soda. Now that is cold.

This morning we had a nice hearty wintry-style breakfast of pancakes. But fancy pancakes. She put sliced bananas between two pancakes that were stacked on top of the other. Then pancake syrup (sugar free) followed with a dollop of real whip cream on top. I also had a maple flavored Jimmy Dean sausage patty. Mary was more health conscious and didn’t have a sausage patty. But they were good and I couldn’t resist the temptation. Wasn’t it Flip Wilson the comedian who always use to say “The devil made me do it”? It was a good breakfast. Yesterday, Saturday, we had a couple of oranges from the tree in the back yard. I was surprised that the oranges were sweet and not bitter. The neighbor across the street has a large orange tree and his oranges are very acidic. But ours weren’t acidic at all.

Everyone have a nice day and stay warm. And have a glass of orange juice to stay healthy and hopefully not get a cold. Also, it helps the Florida economy for those northern yankees (especially in Long Island) who have to buy their orange juice because they don’t have a great big orange tree in their back yard. Oh yeah, that goes for those residents of Logan, Utah who just seem to love the cold and the snow and the ice. Ever been to Siberia? No? Just go to Logan if you want see what Siberia is like. I hear that Eskimo’s come to Logan for vacation. Stay warm. Lew

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