Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas lights

Here are the Christmas lights on the house. Mary did most of the work putting them up. She has the patience for it. The icicle lights on the porch have blinking lights.

The lights go completely across the front of the house and down the side. For some reason the camera gave the lights a tannish tint. In reality, the lights are bright white like in the first photo. They actually light up the area around the house pretty good and so would make great security lights. Christmas lights and especially icicle lights on the house seem to be a Christmas tradition. Better to have icicle lights than be up north and have real icicles on the roof. When I was young and living in New York I use to like to break an icicle off of the eave of the roof and lick it like a popsicle. Crazy kid. Standing outside in the snow on a cold below freezing winter day licking an icicle which will just make me colder. Now I stand outside on a warm winter day here in Florida looking at the icicle lights which is much better.
Today we went grocery shopping and Wal-Mart was crowded. It seems that Wal-Mart is always crowded. I like Chinese food and I was walking down the aisle with the Hamburger Helper in it, I saw Asian Helper beef fried rice. I thought that would be good so I picked up a box. When we got home Mary asked if I would like for her to make it for me. She had gotten a package of steak strips which she could put in it. I said “great”. It didn’t turn out real good. The fried rice had too much soy sauce in it and just didn’t taste like fried rice to me. Mary prepared it according to the package directions but it was the seasonings that made the fried not taste so good. So I won’t get that again. On top of that I had a terrible vicious headache which had been coming on for a couple of hours. Some Tylenol and Motrin took care of the headache.
I am really starting to get fatigued. The cat wakes me up every morning around 4:00 am to go out. So I get up and let her out. I climb back into bed and try to fall asleep but around 5:30 am the dog wants to get up. So I get up again and let the dog out. But I can’t go back to bed because the dog will bark when he wants to com back in. And he will keep barking until he is let in. So my day actually starts around 4:00 am each day. I think that I may finally have Seaside beat in the early rising department. The past few days I have been really “dragging” through the day. And coffee doesn’t seem to help.

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seaside said...

The icle lights look really nice. It sounds like you will have a great Christmas. How is the fog in your area? It is really thick over at the beach.