Sunday, December 13, 2009

Downtown Disney

Today Mary and I went to Downtown Disney for our wedding anniversary. Downtown Disney was crowded with shoppers. We went to the Rainforest Cafe which is located in Downtown Disney for lunch and the restaurant was packed and we had to wait half an hour. That gave us time to walk around the gift shop. They had a lot of items relating to the rainforest like this tropical jungle frog. I think that Seaside has one similar to this one. I wonder if it came from the Rainforest Cafe?

We had a great lunch with very courteous and attentive waiters. The food was very good and plentiful. I had a chicken wrap that was enormous with a large mound of good coleslaw and shoestring french fries. My chicken wrap came with barbeque sauce on the side. I love barbeque sauce and so I asked for some extra barbeque sauce which the waiter brought to me right away. Such great service. Mary had a chicken sandwich with swiss cheese, bacon, and a red roasted pepper. She also had the coleslaw and french fries. It was a large meal and we were both stuffed.

Here Mary is demonstrating the “Disney point”. When I worked at Disney, the employees had to point with either two fingers or the full hand when giving directions. Evidently some cultures find pointing with one finger offensive. We had a fabulous time at Downtown Disney and I didn’t ever want to leave but eventually we had to go home. I enjoyed working at Disney very much and wish that there was some way for me to return to work there. We walked around Downtown Disney and the old Pleasure Island before leaving.
As we use to say at Disney, “Have a magical day.” Lew

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seaside said...

It sounds like you and Mary had a nice time.