Sunday, December 20, 2009

faux jasmine

I think that these flowers are some form of aster, although the black thin plastic disposable pot that they came in had a label on the pot that said jasmine. What amazes me is how many flowers there are on this one small plant and plenty of buds for the numerous flowers to come.

But tomorrow is Monday and it will be back to the malls for any small impulse-buying gifts for Mary. Sort of window-shopping to see if anything catches my eye. I absolutely refused to go to the malls this weekend. I have made that mistake in the past of going to the malls on the week-end before Christmas. Just way too many people. I learned my lesson. And no movies this week because there just doesn’t seem to be anything special playing. We liked the disaster movie 2012. But if the movie should not be so good, well, the popcorn always is. Popcorn and movies are synonymous. How about a box of Goobers. Remember those? The peanuts were chocolate covered but they were very hard. That was the good thing about drive-in theaters, my parents always took lots of snacks with us in the car and we feasted through the entire movie. Actually, I should have said movies because the drive-in theaters always had a double-feature and sometimes a triple. That was the good news about drive-in theaters. The bad news is that the sound quality of the window speakers was absolutely deplorable. But then we would always have our windows down and we experienced “surround-sound” from all of the speakers from all of the other cars. No more drive-in movies, today we either go to the expensive indoor theater or we check out a DVD from the local library for free.

Have a nice day and try to stay warm while doing your last minute Christmas shopping in the malls. After all, it could be worse. We could be living in Long Island or Delaware or (if you can believe this) Logan, Utah. I think that the snow in Logan finally melts away some time around late July or early August. Take care. Lew

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