Sunday, October 30, 2011


I went to Sears for an oil change and as I parked the car I saw an incredibly beautiful flowers growing on some vines adjacent to the parking lot.   I had never seen a flower like this before.   I returned a couple of weeks later but the flowers were gone.   But there was something that resembled a small green lime.
I wondered if it could be from the flowers.   I checked on the internet and discovered that the flower was a Passion flower and that the green thing was actually the seed pod of the passion flower.    I returned about a week later and couldn't find any seed pods on the vine.   But I did find one that had recently fallen on the ground.
I picked it up and brought it home.   I removed the seeds from their individual little sacks and cleaned the gelatinous material off of the seeds.   I am giving the seeds a short time to dry a little and then I shall try planting some of them.    I am looking forward to seeing the incredibly beautiful flowers.
Have a wonderful day wherever you may be.   And for those who are getting snowed upon so early in the year, just try to think positive.   Like when I was a child and got a day off from school because of a snowstorm and so I got to play all day in the snow instead of sitting in a classroom.   Be happy.   Lew

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