Friday, October 7, 2011

purple berries

Have you ever passed by something and it really caught your eye?  Well, that is what happened to me as I was working in the backyard while trimming some bushes.   I spotted these beautiful purple berries on the other side of the fence in the neighbor’s yard.   I just knew that I had to get a picture of it.   I have no idea what kind of a plant that it is, I was just fascinated by the pretty purple color.   Yeah, I know, I see the spots on the leaves and I have no idea what is causing them.   But the berries are nice.
The berries come right off with just a gentle touch.
The berries seem to be held on by a little white cap which reminds me of the cap that an acorn has.   The color really is incredible.   Once again I ask” Does anyone know what kind of plant this that has these delightful little purple berries?  Have a pleasant day wherever you may be.    Lew

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Crystal Solana Bryan said...

Beauty berry, native to FL, bird food!