Saturday, October 8, 2011

curious wasps

Mary noticed some wasps on the backside of the porch light.   And just look at the corrosion on the metal.    When we first purchased the porch light a couple of years ago it was all shiny brass and really looked nice.   I guess living in Florida with the salt air from the ocean caused this rapid corrosion.   Or maybe the price was too good to be true.   But, back to the wasps.  
The wasps just seem to be congregating on the back of the light fixture.   And I don't know what material the back is made of but it is still shiny and reflective, and not corroded at all.   The only part of the light fixture that isn't corroded.
The wasps look like the wasps that make their nest out of paper, but they have been there for over a week now and no sign of any kind of nest building.   They just seem to gather there.   I wonder if perhaps they are seeing their own reflection in the shiny material?    I need to take the lamp down and clean it up and paint it, but not right now.    I want to see first if they eventually build a nest.   It is just very interesting, or as Mr. Spock would say, "fascinating".   Have a good day no matter where in the galactic universe you may live.   "Live Long and Prosper".    Lew

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