Monday, October 3, 2011

little brown fuzzy things

Does anyone have any idea what this is?   The leaf is from an oak tree here in Florida.   I saw a number of these while trimming some limbs on the tree.    At first I thought that it might be some sort of insect scale.
But it just looked too big to me to be a scale insect.   Then I started to think in terms of a caterpillar.
But it wasn’t moving.   I tried using my Golden Guide of Insects.
Remember these little pocket-books?   I like them because they are so easy to use and are full of lots and lots of pictures.  The closest thing that I could find was that it may be a cocoon of the acrea moths but I am not sure.   The cocoon was described as having hairs incorporated into it and these do look like little hairs.
Does anyone have any ides?   Are there any amateur entomologists who might like to take a guess?   I find it just amazing what nature has in store for me to discover next.   It just seems like an endless and fun filled journey through the yard each day as I keep discovering new things.   Take care.   Lew


C.S. said...

See number 7. Wasps.

TIDO.As I walked out the gardens of time... said...

it could be a leaf gall of Neuroterus floccosus.

Lew said...

Thanks for the info. It sure looks like it but I don't have the heart to cut one of them open to see what is inside. Maybe I could put one into a jar and see what emerges. Do the wasp larvae feed on the sap of the oak tree leaf?
Thanks again. Lew