Saturday, October 22, 2011

atomic craters

Is this a picture of the surface of the moon?   No, it is the atomic test site located in Nevada where they set off the atomic bombs.    Our country went from exploding atomic bombs on the surface of the ground
to exploding them underground.   When an atomic bomb is exploded underground a subsidence crater is created from the ground settling back down after the explosion.    These craters can be of various sizes.  
What I found fascinating was how many of them there were and how much they reminded me of the lunar surface.   My favorite crater (if you can have one) is the Sedan crater because of its enormous size.
You can get an idea of its scale by the road around it.   I like it because I got to personally visit the crater and stand at its edge.
This is an observing platform that I got to walk out on and peer over the edge down into the crater.
The explosion that created the Sedan crater was a part of Operation Plowshare on the peaceful uses of using nuclear explosives for peaceful excavations.   It certainly did move a lot of dirt to make that huge crater.   It was fascinating to visit the atomic test site for training for radiation emergencies.   This is my class out at the atomic test site.   Can you spot me?
Here I am.
How do you like those pork chop sideburns?   That was the style then.   Really.   The history of the atomic testing program is really fascinating to read about.   It is one of my hobbies.    Have a great day.     Lew


Graden Quist said...

That is all very interesting Lew. Glad you shared and I happened to stumble on this

Lew said...

Thanks to Graden Quist for his comment. As an after-thought to Atomic Craters, why not bury nuclear waste at the atomic test site since the ground is already contaminated with radiation from all of the underground atomic explosions. Lew