Sunday, September 9, 2012

camouflage gone wrong

I was walking past the back of the garage when something caught my eye.   It was a moth on the current resting.   Remember the old adage that butterflies fly in the daytime and moths fly at night.   So here is a moth trying to get his rest during the day.

He spreads his wings for camouflage while he rests.   Well here is “the good news and the bad news”.   Let’s take the bad news first.   He is a dark brown moth on the white background of a white curtain.   Not a good choice on his part.   And the good news?   He is behind the glass window which will protect him from any predatory birds or other animals.   But as moths go, he seems to have a nice pattern on his wings.
Hopefully he will live a long life.   He just has to stop landing on white objects for his daytime siestas.    “Live a good life”.    And if you know the name of the movie that the quote is from please put it in the comment section.     Lew  

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