Saturday, September 15, 2012

it's a beautiful morning

Remember that song It's a Beautiful Morning by the singing group The Rascals?   And what a beautiful morning it was.   It reminded me of the song.  Such a splash of color.    I feek that mornings are always nice because the troubles, ills, and problems of the previous day are behind us and now we start a new day afresh.
The colors are so intense and bright.   It is quite a sight to see and well-worth getting up early to see.   But since the summer solstice (longest day) on June 20, the days have been getting shorter.   That means that sunrise will be a little bit later each day which makes getting up to see and enjoy the sunrise a little bit easier each day.   Get your cup of fresh brewed coffee plus a slice of toast and sit out on the front porch and enjoy this God -given beauty of nature.
There isn't too much entertainment any more that is free.   The sunrises and sunsets are one of those freebies.   Oh yeah, the Downtown Disney of Disneyworld is entirely free.   No admission charge.   Even the parking is free.    You can't beat that.
Have a great day and enjoy life to its fullest.    Lew

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