Thursday, September 13, 2012

International Space Station

I missed it, the passage of the International Space Station passing overhead.   If it happens to pass over either early in the morning or evening, you are suppose to be able to see it.  It passed overhead on Wednesday morning, 9-12 at 7:00am.   That was a good time for me since I am usually up at that time of the morning and the space station was suppose to be pretty bright and easy to see.
You can see in the picture below of the track that it passed right over the little red house in the picture which is where I live.   All that I had to do was to step outside and look up.   So why didn't I?   It slipped my mind.   I was busy reading about osteoperosis of the bones and DEXA scanning, for continuing education credits.
I was really disappointed when I discovered that I had missed it.   But it will come again.   There is a website where you can see where the International Space Station is currently located and watch a track of it as it moves around the earth.

This is really a fun site to go to.   Here is a link to it.

This is the opening page.
Click on the 5 day prediction circled in  red.   To get the 5 day prediction for where you live but click on "Change your location" at the very top of the column before clicking on the 5 day prediction.   Here is what mine looks like.
This is a real neat site to explore and you may get to see the International Space Station pass overhead.   Remember, keep looking up.     Lew


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