Thursday, September 20, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor

The space shuttle endeavor on the back of a commercial jet left Florida yesterday for the west coast, Los Angeles.   I live in Orlando and so I watched the takeoff of the plane carrying the shuttle on television along with millions of other viewers.   I could have gone over to the coast but I knew that the crowds would be tremendous based on past experiences.   But to my surprise I didn't have to go to the space shuttle, it was coming to me.   The only problem was that I didn't know about it.   I had not heard anything about the shuttle flying over Disney on the local news.   Not even on the live broadcast of the takeoff which I watched on television early in the morning.   The space shuttle had flown over the Spaceship Earth exhibit at Epcot in Disney World.
That big silver ball is the Spaceship Earth attraction and is the first thing that you see as you walk towards the entrance to Epcot.    Now here is a helpful hint for any of you who have not visited Epcot yet.   The path around the attractions is a big circle.
First thing in the morning there is a large crowd.   After going through the admission gates you will have to go around either the left side of the large ball Spaceship Earth or go around the right side of the large ball.   We are conditioned to always go to the right, like driving on the right hand side of the road.   So the massive crowd of the people will go to the right.   Don't go to the right, go to the left.   There were be much fewer people because most everyone will be on the right side of Epcot and you will be on the left where there won't be short lines (if any at all) to see the attractions.    Take a closer look at the map above.  You can click on the map to make it bigger.  See what I mean?   Just a helpful hint.
       If I had known about the flyover of the Endeavor over Epcot at Disneyworld I would have gone down there to see it.    I bet the visitors at Disneyworld got a great view of the shuttle and an extra treat on their day at Disneyworld.   You have to admit, isn't Florida a great place to live?   I think so.  
The above picture is my nephew Pete who put tiles onto the space shuttles.
Have a great day and a glass of orange juice (we grow oranges in Florida).   Lew

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